Admission Helpline Number : 8130280018, 8130280068, 8130280082

Admission assistance a personalized and unbiased college admission support service that guides the student in all the steps required to be completed to secure admission in a course and college in India. For the purpose of providing this service, Admissions Campus uses its own computerized application that has an extensive and current database on institutions of formal and regular degree courses that provide higher learning in India.


  • Conducting a one to one session with the student and their parents.
  • Accessing students profile for admission.
  • Tracking all admission related information and keeping students updated.
  • Counselling dates.
  • Scrutiny and due diligence of completed application forms.
  • Guiding the student on making choices based on future prospects and past cut-offs to maximise probability of success.
  • Keeping track of the admission process till the student gets admission in the shortlisted college.


  • Provides unbiased information and proactive support so that parents can help their wards make correct career choice.
  • Brings focus through prioritization to increase probability of success in college admissions.
  • Saves significant time and effort in obtaining forms, collecting information and submitting applications and tracking all admission related information.
  • Helps student keep focus on their academics and admission.
  • Enables parents plan finances well in advance and assisting in getting study loan from bank.
  • Helps in avoiding admission related stress for the whole family.


Department Name Contact No.
BBA Dr. Pranav Mishra: 9811434276
Mrs. Shusma Sharma 9891326903
Mr. Sumit Sehrawat : 9873119898
B.COM(H) Dr. K K Garg: 9560687688
Mr.Barun Jha:9718156609
Mrs.Radha Yadav: 9654573308
BA(J&MC) Dr.Dilip Kumar:9015466626
Ms.Harmeet Kaur:9999169373
Dr.Gaurav Yadav:9810916999
B.Ed Dr.Mala Dixit : 9891612205
Dr.Manju Sharma : 9868453333
Mrs.Joyti Sehrawat : 8826440476
Ms.Arooshi Thakur : 9717002960
Admin Office Mr.Vijaypal: 9650453938